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Enterprise Software Podcast

Todd McDanielBob McAdam and Darcy Boerio have joined forces to provide a bi-weekly podcast, known as Enterprise Software Podcast (formerly known as Dynamics Podcast). The inaugural podcast was launched in May 2014, and listeners have already found the information provided to be pertinent, informative, and quite enjoyable.

Each episode is approximately 45 minutes in length and can be quickly obtained via iTunes or directly from the home page, Follow @EPSWPodcast on Twitter, join the LinkedIn Group, and connect with Bob & Todd on Facebook for updates and podcast release dates. Subscribe to Enterprise Software Podcast  today for the latest and greatest news around the Microsoft Dynamics community.

Episode #20: Convergence Futures and Channel Comparisons, Donald Deshaies

The Vice President of Channel Management at Sage, Donald Deshaies, joins Bob, Todd and Darcy in this week’s episode. The topics covered in this episode include: • Post-Convergence chatter • The future of Microsoft Convergence • WPC at Hollywood Studios • SalesForce automation • Sage Partner Ch
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Episode #19: Pivoting Away and Expo Interviews

Bob, Todd and Darcy walk the expo halls at Microsoft Convergence 2015 and interview attendees in this week’s episode. The topics covered in this episode include: • Dynamics SMB Certifications • Microsoft Convergence 2015 • Attendee interviews • The future of Microsoft Convergence Connect: List
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Episode #18: Summits and Dublin Boot Camp, Diane Haines

The Vice President of Product Marketing at Sage, Diane Haines, joins Bob, Todd and Darcy is this week’s episode of Enterprise Software Podcast. The topics covered in this episode include: • Dynamics user group summits: GPUG, AXUG, NAVUG, and CRMUG • Sage Summit 2015 • $500 off Sage Summit 2015
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Episode #17: ERP & Potpourri

The topics covered in this episode include: • 90 Minds • Dynamic Partner Connections PreGAME 2015 • Microsoft Convergence 2015 Connect: Listen to Enterprise Software Podcast Follow Dynamics Podcast on Twitter Join the Podcast LinkedIn Group Connect with Bob, Todd and Darcy on LinkedIn Like Enterpris
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Episode #16: Excel-erations and Transformations, Eric Eager

Eric Eager is the Vice President at BizNet Software. BizNet Software, Inc. is a market leader for Microsoft Excel cloud reporting and business intelligence. Founded in 1996 to take the mystery out of databases, BizNet focuses on Microsoft Excel reporting solutions guided by financial and business pr
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Episode #15: Family Feud & Funding, Darcy Boerio

This is the first episode of the new and improved Enterprise Software Podcast.  Bob and Todd announce the addition of a new co-host, Darcy Boerio. Darcy Boerio is the Channel Development Manager for Website Pipeline, working with the company’s ERP partners to help them offer ERP-integrated B2B and B
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Episode #14: ESP and Encores, Matt Panzano

Matt Panzano is a solutions architect for Catapult Systems and an expert in all things Microsoft, SharePoint, and Microsoft CRM. Catapult Systems, a CSI company, is a globally-focused Microsoft IT consulting firm that provides application development, enterprise solutions and infrastructure services
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