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Collect-IT is accounts receivable and credit collections management software designed to integrate seamlessly with a company’s existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, such as Microsoft Dynamics and Sage software. The company’s management creates a credit process and Collect-IT software consolidates the necessary data to implement that process. With its automated workflow, Collect-IT allows you to minimize the time spent collecting overdue invoices through automatic reminder emails and task list generation. The unified desktop collection tool provides prioritized collection tasks that are driven by a very flexible and easy-to-set-up workflow engine. Follow-up activities are integrated within the system using the Calendar function, in which notes are tied to a customer’s invoices. Please visit the Collect-IT page for additional information.

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Deliver-IT provides a unified delivery management solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Whether reviewing customer orders or assuring that deliveries have been made, businesses need a reliable solution to acquire and store proof of delivery. Deliver-IT is designed to maximize the efficiency of your delivery management process. Whether reviewing customer orders or assuring that deliveries have been made, businesses need a reliable solution to acquire and store proof of delivery. Deliver-IT utilizes a web-based administration panel and manifest system. Deliver-IT works offline and syncs on demand for real-time data, allowing for your drivers to send and receive manifest updates, delivery notes, and signatures on their mobile devices. Please visit the Deliver-IT page for additional information.

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Designed to facilitate the billing and remittance issues when selling to retail chains, PAR also provides powerful tools for promotional budgeting and performance tracking. PAR can solve any problems related to inaccurate pricing by automating the pricing assurance process. Commissions can be easily calculated and Added Pricing Functionality provides for pricing adjustments by invoice line. Utilizing the planning capabilities within PAR, a variety of promotional budget scenarios can be created with a simple click of the mouse. Following forecast calculation, suggested quantities and associated revenues are displayed in the promotional scenario. For more information, please visit the Par page.

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Trinity solutions for distribution enhance every aspect of the supply chain process. Successful distribution starts with making sales, and Trinity adds many features to make Dynamics GP an effective, pro-active selling tool. These modules create a number of benefits, including increased revenue, profitability, and customer service. Our cost effective modules also reduce inventory investment while providing better insight and improved operational efficiency. With a more streamlined and connected workflow, our customers have a happier and more productive staff. Each Trinity software module focuses on a specific distribution requirement, allowing users to decide exactly which distribution capabilities meet their individual needs. Modules cover Sales, Inventory, Pricing, Logistics and Purchasing processes. For more information, please visit the Trinity page.

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Encore is the premier retail, wholesale, and manufacturing business software that includes POS, production planning, and inventory control. Encore is the simple, all-in-one solution designed with everything you need to understand, expand, and manage your business. Track inventory, sales and repairs, while increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers simply, affordably and reliably. Encore is a focused business management system designed to handle the complexities of your business, simply. For more information, please visit the Encore page.

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