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Catch Weights for Dynamics GP

catch weights for food distributors

For many food producers, distributors, and retailers, the ability to manage catch weights – or dual weights – in inventory is critically important. However, accurate catch weight tracking in most ERP systems is no walk in the park.

Luckily for companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP, we have a simple add-on solution for you. Introducing our Catch Weights Module – part of the Trinity Distribution Suite.

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Key Features

Key features and benefits of the Catch Weights management module include the following:

  • Multiple Units of Measure

    Ability to set up a series of units of measure for ordering that may differ from the eventual invoicing and pricing unit. This includes the requirement to be able to order a number of portioned units (e.g. meat and fish). It will also cover orders for a number of units of products, including rolls of cloth, lengths of timber, and cheeses with the customer invoiced by overall length, weight, etc.
  • Final Invoice Adjustments

    When using mixed units in this way, it’s not always possible to stipulate a fixed relationship between ordering units of measure. For example, what is notionally a 5lbs cheese may in fact weigh more or less than that, and the customer will eventually have to be invoiced for the exact weight. The Catchweights module allows for order quantity to remain unchanged while the invoice unit (in this case weight) is adjusted.E
  • Dual Reporting

    When dual reporting is required, it is important that the Dynamics GP user and the customer can see and track both what has been ordered and what has eventually been invoiced. This can mean showing quantity units on the invoice for information purposes while the actual invoice is based upon calculated weight.
  • Base Units of Measurement

    With a unit by unit weight tracking for audit and accountability purposes it may be necessary to record and print weights, lengths, etc., of individual items. The Catchweights module provides the facility to enter accurate and exact base unit of measurement quantities for every individual item sold, that will also automatically generate the total invoice amount.
  • Easy Recording and Matching

    A number of units may be ordered from a vendor, which may in turn be invoiced by the lbs., yard, pint, etc. The Catchweights module allows the user to record and match exactly what has been received without having to post complex variances.
  • Full Dual Tracking

    This new feature can be optionally added to some or all of catch-weighted products. It ensures total dual tracking across all transactions and current stock levels into separate units, such as quantity and weight. This feature even operates down to individual lot level providing unprecedented levels of information and stock control.
  • Enhanced Lot Handling

    Further automation and reconciliation in the complex area of handling lot controlled catchweight items.
  • Unit of Measure Enhancements

    Addition selling units for dual tracked catch weight items. Also allows for a different number of decimal places for all catchweight units.


Tackling Catch Weights with Dynamics GP

Part of the Trinity Distribution Suite, the Catch Weights module works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP and runs right inside the same GP screens and interface so there’s minimal training and setup.  It’s a critical add-on module for any company that purchases and stocks inventory in one unit of measure but sells and invoices by another. This is a common requirement in industries such as food & beverage, apparel, cosmetics, and chemicals.


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