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Bank Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Bank Management automates the reconciliation of bank statements to the accounting records within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Bank Management module for Microsoft Dynamics GP provides sophisticated, but flexible, rule-based mapping of fields between Dynamics GP and the corresponding fields on a bank statement.

Bank statements can be uploaded automatically, which means you can benefit from automatic reconciliation immediately.  In addition, to ensure the integrity of data, Bank Management routinely checks for duplicate Bank Statements on import.

Why Use Bank Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP?

  • Improve Accuracy and Reduce User Error

    Bank reconciliation provides a high percentage of matched transactions. Users can set rules with a tolerance on the “date range” and “amount” fields to further enhance the accuracy of the matching service.
  • Save Time

    Bank Management will eliminate any unnecessary manual processes, simplify the bank reconciliation process, reduce administration costs and allow your finance team to concentrate on more valuable tasks.
  • Improve Financial Control

    Accurate bank reconciliation processes ensure tighter financial control by highlighting potential bank errors, unexpected charges, input errors or missing transactions. In addition, using the reporting functionality allows you to quickly report on bank related questions to aid any audit including the re-print reconciliation reports from previous periods.
  • Improve Reporting

    Using Microsoft Dynamic GP’s SmartList functionality to report on reconciled and unmatched items, quickly report on bank related questions and re-print reconciliation reports from previous periods.


See How Bank Management Can Increase The Value Of Your Microsoft Dynamics GP investment:

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