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Extended Pricing Enhancements

Extended Pricing Enhancements for Dynamics GP

The existing Extended Pricing features in Dynamics GP already offers a highly functional pricing model for managing unlimited price lists, date sensitive pricing, customer contracts and promotions. But when you add our Extended Pricing Enhancements module – part of the Trinity Distribution Suite built exclusively for Dynamics GP – you also get additional promotional options and a flexible, cost mark-up pricing function that’s critical for many distributors.

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Key Features

Key features Extended Pricing Enhancements for Dynamics GP include the following:

  • New Promotion Options

    These provide for a more proactive approach to the use of promotions:

    • Show promotion information window as soon as item is selected in Sales Transaction Entry
    • When used with the Catalogue Based Sales module, the user can highlight promotion items on the item list
    • New promotion calculation options in the area of ‘buy one get one free’

    Extended Pricing Enhancements

  • Different Mark-up Types

    Cost mark-up may be value or percentage and may also have quantity breaks applied either in the base cost list itself or in customer-specific price sheets.
  • Aggregate Pricing

    Where a company wishes to generate a price as ‘cost plus,’ the user may also wish to have a specific definition of what they mean by ‘cost’ in the pricing context. This module allows for the generation of a base cost list. This may be the same as standard or current cost but is not tied to them in any way.

    This allows the price list manager to take into account a number of additional factors in setting this cost, such as potential retrospective price support from vendors. It may also not always be practical to change selling prices with the same degree or frequency as costs may change.

    Our ‘Extended Pricing Integration’ can be used to automate the import of the cost price list where it has been developed offline.

  • Negative Discounts

    Effectively allows for supplements as well as discounts.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    AIR records stock-outs to enable analysis of failures to reach service levels. You can capture inventory level information at time of receipt for comparison to safety stock. This provides a further check on the reliability of the parameters being used for the item. 


How It All Benefits You

When you combine our Extended Pricing Enhancements with your existing Dynamics GP software, you’ll have the features and flexibility to:

Minimize Pricing Maintenance – Management of pricing data, particularly where there are
large numbers of customer special prices, can be a labor intensive, high-risk business. ‘Cost-Plus’ pricing provides the opportunity to reduce the task to its simplest level. The cost plus methodology accurately mirrors the practical operating methodology of many distribution businesses.

Maximize Flexibility – Using cost-plus pricing does not have to mean making the pricing module any less sensitive to the needs of individual contracts and customers; however, it does mean that a
single cost change can have an immediate differential effect on any number of customer prices without the need for any further maintenance.

Proactive Promotions – For those users taking orders over the telephone, these new promotion options enhance the ability to sell proactively to the customer.


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