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Purchase Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Purchase Management is an easy-to-use, web-based solution that allows non-Microsoft Dynamics GP users to create or approve a Purchase Order (PO), request approval or approve invoices and receipt of goods.

  • Requisition entry and approval


  • Goods / transactions acknowledgement and receipt


  • Invoice approvals

Why Purchase Management?

  • Reduce margin of error

    Avoid the issues inherent in paper-based or email-based systems.
  • Speed up the process from purchase to pay

    Automated flexible workflows speed up the process, removing challenges that can be caused by paper-based or email-based systems.
  • Save cost

    Reduce costs through prompt payment discounts, a reduction in Microsoft Dynamics GP licensing costs and a reduction in material costs and employee time savings.

Three ways that you can save money with Purchase Management:

  • Save on Microsoft Dynamics licensing costs

    This front-end browser based system means users don’t need a Microsoft Dynamics GP license to create a purchase order (PO) or request approval for an invoice.
  • Take Advantage of Payment Discounts

    Improve your payment record with vendors and benefit from the discounted payment terms offered.
  • Reduce the cost of issuing POs by as much as 80%

    Savings can be attributed to costs such as paper and printing, as well as employee time spent generating, printing, sending and matching the POs to invoices once goods are received.

Processing a purchase order can cost between $30 and $45. This means that an average organization making 2,000 purchases a year can achieve savings of between $48,000 and $72,000 with Purchase Management.


See How You Can Save On Purchase Order Processing With Purchase Management For Microsoft Dynamics GP:

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