Advanced Inventory Replenishment Demand Review

Trinity's Advanced Inventory Replenishment from Dynavistics, or AIR for short, is add-on software to extend the reach of Microsoft Dynamics GP purchase order capabilities. AIR for Dynamics GP is designed to accurately record and analyze inventory demand on a monthly 4-weekly or weekly basis. For each item it will then predict stock demand for the coming period using one of a number of industry standard replenishment calculations.

In this video we shall see how it provides the buyer with more information when reviewing demand for inventory items using Dynamic GP’s purchase order generator.

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Advanced Inventory management allows distributors to:

• Set stock policy by time rather than using fixed safety and reorder quantities
• Understand demand, including lost sales and exceptional demand
• Take advantage of ABC analysis based on bin trips and frequency of picking
• Suggest the best forecasting method for each item
• Calculate the safety stock, re-order level, and order up to level
• Provides information and decision support

The enhanced Demand Review inside of Advanced Inventory Replenishment helps you Order the Right Products, at the Right Price, at the Right Time