Catch Weights Management Concepts

What is Catch Weights?

Catch Weight addresses a particularly challenging unit of measure issue that is most commonly found in the meat and produce business.  Sometime called random weights or variable weights it relates to a unit of measure schedule where the conversion is nominal rather than fixed so that for example an item described as a 5lb pack may vary in weight from case to case.

The customer may order by case but will be billed by the eventual poundage of the boxes sold. To manage this fully implies tracking two separate units of measure at all times so that it is possible to see total poundage in stock (in which valuation and cost of sales is based) but also number of cases for counting and selling purposes, - this is referred to dual quantity tracking. 

This has implications for every transaction that effects inventory from purchasing through selling and returns to adjustments and stock count.

Accurate pricing and accurate inventory for items sold as each but priced by a variable unit of measure such as pounds.

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