How to Manage Customer Specific Trade Discount Dynamics GP

Dynavistics Trinity Extended Pricing Enhancements simplifies the management of pricing structures that are competitive, varied, and flexible. Extended Pricing Enhancements offers a number of pricing options that complement GP’s core Extended Pricing functionality. For more information on the Trinity distribution modules please visit the Trinity Product Page .  Video 2 of 3.


Wholesale distribution businesses can require pricing structures that are competitive, varied, and flexible. Extended Pricing Enhancements offers a number of pricing options that complement GP’s core extended pricing functionality.

Extended Pricing functionality includes:

  • Order Value Based Discounts
  • Volume based pricing
  • Cost Uplift Pricing
  • Volume based promotions
  • And site specific pricing

In this video we will be concentrating on specific feature – order value discounts.

Order value discounts enable you to calculate discount as a percentage of the document subtotal in sales transaction entry. The discount is then placed in the trade discount field.

First, we will look at the file maintenance aspects of this, and then we will see it in operation in order entry.

Order Discount maintenance

Order Value discounts require the creation of one or more user defined discount groups, against which we can then specify the discount levels. Discounts can vary depending on the value of the order. In this example, an order must have minimum value of $100 to a achieve a 1% discount, while an order with a value in excess of $500 will achieve a 3% discount.

All that remains to do is to assign customer to the group. This can be done by individual customers or class id, or if preferred, by range a customers.

There may be certain products that you do not wish to be eligible for order value discount. These can be entered here. Although they will not attract any discount, a system setting controls whether when ordered, these items contribute to the total order value in order to determine what discount level has achieved.

Here we are in sales transaction entry. Because this customer has been assigned to an order discount group the small running total screen will appear. As lines are entered the total order value is updated, and displays the discount rate achieved so far and what the next break point is.

At any point the sales person can view the discount structure in detail and look at the individual discounts accrued to each line, which can be helpful if we need to confirm this back to the customer.

If the customer orders an item which we have excluded from order value discount, it will be flagged as such on the detailed line display.

In addition, these items will automatically have an asterisk attached to either the start or end of their description, so that customer documentation will indicate items excluded from discount calculations.

From the additional tab, subject to system settings, the sales person can exclude any items from order value discount on a one-off basis.

They can also exclude the whole order from discount, or override the calculated discount with a manually entered one. Any amendment will be reflected in the detailed discount line display.

Order value discounts are one of several additional pricing models available with the Trinity Extended Pricing enhancements module which can be run in conjunction with GP’s Extended Pricing.