How to Manage Multi-Tiered Customer Pricing in Dynamics GP

Dynavistics Trinity Extended Pricing Enhancements simplifies many of the challenges in managing complex price schemes and as covered in this video, the process of managing volume based pricing.

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Extended Pricing Enhancements

Extended Pricing Enhancements comprises a number of varied, and flexible pricing options that complement Dynamics GP’s core Extended Pricing functionality including:

  • Volume based pricing
  • Volume based promotions
  • Order Value Based Discounts
  • Cost Uplift Pricing
  • And site-specific pricing

This demo video focuses on one specific feature – Volume based pricing, sometimes referred to as aggregate pricing.

Aggregate pricing functionality enables quantity break pricing to be used in sales transactions to calculate prices for groups of items rather than individual items. Items are assigned to price books and price sheets using Microsoft Dynamics™ GP Extended Pricing. Items are also assigned to an aggregate price group, with each group containing one or more items.

Quantity breaks can be set against aggregate pricing groups with each quantity break having a separate price book assigned to it.

If required, multiple sets of quantity breaks and price books can be maintained against a single aggregate price group. That way, different customers can then receive different prices for the same aggregate group.

Aggregate Pricing

Aggregate pricing provides:

  • Pricing based on groups of items
  • With different prices offered based on the quantity purchased
  • With the flexibility to offer different prices to different customers.

Aggregate pricing is run in conjunction with Extended Pricing in Dynamics GP and is one of several additional pricing models available with the Trinity Extended Pricing Enhancements module, which is designed to help wholesale distributors, maximize their selling opportunity.

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