How to Manage Reserved Inventory in Dynamics GP

Dynavistics Trinity Reserved Stock Module provides distributors with a method of assigning quantities of a product to several customers, when supply is limited, and in advance of actual order placement.

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Managing Reserved Stock

Our Reserved Stock module enables you to assign quantities of a product to several customers - when supply is limited - in advance of actual order placement.

An example would be a wine merchant with a finite quantity of a vintage. In this case, the Reserved Stock module allows you to reserve items for an individual customer, a specific delivery address, or a group of customers. When the reserve is first created, you have the option of allocating the stock.

When a sales transaction is entered for an item that has been held in reserve for the customer, you have the option of taking stock from the reserve. In addition, you can define a specific selling price for any stock taken out of reserves.

And when circumstances dictate, you can reassign reserved quantities to accommodate changes in the actual ordering pattern of customers.

Reserved stock is designed to help you:

  • Guarantee supply when stock is limited
  • Enable you to monitor promised sales against actual orders placed via its detailed audit trail
  • Re-assign reserve quantities when required

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